Customer Support and Satisfaction

Systematic follow-up with customer after first time delivery

-> Provides remote training to users

-> Supports customer in the installation or update of software

-> Collects user’s feedback to enable systems’ improvement

-> Manages technical issues resolution with customer

-> Organizes tag pre-encoding / pre-printing if requested by customer

-> Processes the shipment back of systems for repairs, upgrades or updates

-> Participates in project management to ensure accurate follow-up once rolled-out


Over the past 10 years, MAINtag has proven its expertise in RFID system design.

MAINtag supports its customers by providing custom tag designs and technical reports.

Custom Tag Design

-> Tag antenna and form factor design and theoretical simulation

-> Prototyping of best simulated design and close performing designs

-> Characterisation using advanced analyzer and anechoic chamber

-> Performances tests in environment and / or on part – approval

-> Manufacturing

RFID technical reports

-> Analysis of radio behavior of a tagged item using advanced analyzers and anechoic chamber

-> Calculated and / or physical definition of most accurate tag positioning on part
-> Design of comprehensive tags, mobile or fixed readers, software